Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Artist Take Risks: I took a risk doing this project because i used elements and ideas i had never tried before. for example the way i got the background i put gel medium down then put tissue paper down and then i used watercolor to make the universal effect to the tissue paper.
Artists collaborate: i had help in figuring out how to make it look like space without just gluing a million pictures down. hannah helped me develop the idea of gluing the beads from the necklace down to represent galaxies and then i put glitter down to represent all the surrounding stars.
Artists develop art making skills: I actually developed a lot of skills during this project i learned how to combine many elements like gel medium, watercolor, and media pictures, and putting down actual objects and combining them all into one peice of art that flows together.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up close and personal

This is my up close and personal project. I chose the ketchup bottle because it is the most up close and personal thing you can get at a restaurant. It is always right on the table in front of you. I chose the colored pencils because they were the easiest thing for me to use and I thought they looked the best. I messed up tho I thought the prismas would go on top of the red normal colored pencils but it ended up making pink so I had to erase and that's how I mad the white lines they were supposed to be reflective lines but the prismas didn't work out so I made the highlight with my eraser.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The mediums

1. So for my candy pastel we used chalk pastels and I actually really like them. I liked how you could blend them so well and reflect colors really good with them.
2. For the soda can we used oil pastels these were my least favorite because they were messy and I found that after you blended a lot it gets real waxy and doesn't blend as well and they weren't very precise for making details

3. The lollipop drawing was especially hard for me because I learned that I have much trouble trying to create indentions and make it look 3 dimensional instead of flat. But the colored pencils were my favorite to use. Because they were very precise for detail, they created great value and blended very well also.

Scientific Project

Artists communicate through their work: the reasons for doing this snowflake is because I wanted to express how I felt through it. And I thought a snowflake was a great way. Because no snowflakes are a like there all different, and I like to think I'm different.
Artists take risks: I took a risk drawing this cause when It come to art I'm not a very good strategical and detailed artist and that's what a snowflake is. But I really wanted to do it.
Artists solve problems: I really wanted to do a solar system when we first started I tried it, but there wasn't enough to it Was just kinda boring. So at the end I had to switch to the snowflake.