Art II Final Portfolio

 I believe out of all the projects i completed this semester this particular one had the best outcome. it was a partner project, which explains a little of how we got this whole thing done so quick. the process we went through was we started out with just a hollow base that looked like a bowl. from there we rolled out hollow tubes to make the heart valves. the valves were the hardest part of the project just because of how hard it was to get them to stay in the position we wanted without falling over. next we started to do details like carving details into the heart and creating veins. then we moved on to painting, we chose to paint some of it blue because of the speculation that your blood is blue, and because an all red heart would just be boring.

for material we chose clay because we were the most familiar with it and the techniques like scoring and carving were most suited for this project.
The size we decided that it would be close to the actual size of a human heart so the heart is about as big as the left part of your chest thats what we used as a measurement tool.
For techniques we used a lot of scoring and slipping because we had to make all the separate part combine and stay together into 1 peice.
Our artistic vision was for the heart to be able to hold whatever you wanted in it, whether it was flowers with water of whatever, the idea was to make it whatever you wanted but the heart would symbolize whatever was in it that you cared about.
Creativity was a big thing because most people when you think of a heart you think of the normal portrayed shape of a heart, but we chose to use a real scientific model of the heart.
All of these things we put into it were the reason i believe this project turned out so good.


This is one project where I really felt I could've done better. It turned out so bad because I went with the idea that a ketchup bottle is very up-close, which is what the project was based on. you see ketchup bottles at every table you eat at in a restaurant so it is very up-close and personal. I felt this was the worst project because i messed up with prisma colors, i thought that the prismas would just go on top of the red, and create a reflective effect on the ketchup bottle. What really happened was that the prisma colors just mixed with the normal colored pencils and created a pink streak so i had to erase the pink streak and thats how i created the white streak, which was supposed to mimic light reflecting off the bottle. If i had to do this again i would not color the whole thing red i would leave blank space for the prisma colors to create that reflective property.


These are two Project i believe i showed growth form one to another. The snowflake project was the very first big project we did in the class. its easy to tell where i grew from. because the can was a mini project that we barely had any time on and i was new to using oil pastels, but i still think that my values and just how i went about making the can was a more professional way then with the snowflake. It shows how my understanding of line angles and color mixing increased and creating shadows was a lot better in the can project.
I grew in application of materials because i was knew to the oil pastels, but even though i was new i had a better understanding of art and created what i believe to be a better project.
i grew in techniques and skills in many ways like my shadowing was much better with the can instead of the snowflake, my line strokes and attention to detail got better because my art IQ was higher at that point.
My artistic vision got better in just that i knew more about art and i knew what to do to make it look better and i knew how to make the shadows look like actual shadows and i knew how to create better values.
The use of principals and elements also saw growth because i had been using pencil all my life and it was a first using oil pastels but yet the oil pastels came out better which just shows that i was a better overall artist.
Creativity grew a lot but this comparison doesnt really show it because we had to draw the can. but if i was gonna say one thing it would be how just everything flows better in the can project then the snowflake, and that is  because i was creative enough to create more elements to the drawing of the can than the snowflake.
My subject matter and intuition matured throughout these projects because the snowflake i just kind of through stuff on the page to hope it would look better, but in the can i used the empty space very well and it looks like the space is filled up better.


These 2 Mini projects were most beneficial to me because i had never used oil or chalk pastels before. I feel the instruction given and the lesson given were enough for success. for example i think both of my projects turned out pretty good, and it was the first time i had ever used those materials. so that shows that the lesson given and instruction was a recipe for success.

5. My favorite medium to work with was paint because you could just keep adding different colors of paint and the values would really show in the painting. Also painting could be very abstract, and if you messed up it was no big deal because you could just paint over it. The main reason i liked painting was because of how the values stood out and mixed together so well.

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